Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mermaid Inspired

A few months ago, when Mish came about, our team spent countless hours & late nights to finalize our Mish 2012 Collection. We finally reached a point where we will soon be able to share our pieces. Even after the intense production and the exciting shoot… There was something that felt incomplete. I pondered on it for days and finally; it came to me as I was driving down to San Diego. I was overlooking the beach and something about how the rays of the sunlight hitting the ripples of the water made me think of Mermaids… that triggered my fondest childhood memories of the “The Little Mermaid”. There is something so exquisite and remarkable about the mythical creatures that is still so intriguing. As a little girl I was dazzled, but as an adult I admired the spectacular beauty that this whimsical creature posses.
I love how my imagination wonders when I think of mermaids, from the gradient color schemes of the tails to the intricate scales that glistens as they swim underwater or to the world above, to catch a glimpse. Their mane is always long, beautiful and shiny against the sun.

With these thoughts in mind, it calls for Mish to have a sequel to our collection… Mish 2012 Mermaid Collection. We want colors to emulate the colors of the beautiful sea… the creatures, the sea shells, the coral reef. We want silhouettes and fabrics that rest, contours, and flows like how it does on a beautiful mermaid. Marrying the colors and silhouettes; we want to create each piece to morph us into a mermaid. And feel beautiful as we lay out and let the rays of the sun enhance the glitter tone of our skins. The best is yet to come… our big launch, Mish Mermaid Collection!


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