Friday, July 22, 2011

Bikini Coverups!

Michelle Rodriquez, Kim Kardashion & Ciara wrappin' it beachside!
Summer loungin', we have our sunshades, SPF sunscreen, summer hats, beach bags and hot wedges all prepped for the pools & beaches. Along with our fav bikinis, what other swimwear attire is an essential?! Swimwear coverups! Depending on the location or the occasion, sometimes less IS  more ladies! We like to think of cover-ups as a summer must-have, ultimately accessorizing our bikinis. With an array of styles such as Rihanna's mesh dress coverup, to Beyonce's romper and the gorgeous celebs above flossin' in wraps, these ladies are proof that covering your assets is even sexier!
The fiery hot Rihanna in a white mesh coverup in Miami, Fl.!

The lovely Beyonce in a sheer romper hangin' with the hubs, Jay Z.
Coverups are one of our fav swimwear pieces, adding creativity  and personality  in summer looks. Whether you're walking on the pier, bbqin' beachside or partying at exclusive Vegas beach clubs, you can't go wrong! You've seen their favorites, what are yours?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Braids

What's one of our fav summer loves? Braids! Nothing is more styling than a woman flossing gorgeous braids with any wardrobe for any occasion. Now we can't forget The Hill's Lauren Conrad bringing back the little side braids on the hit show. Since then the trend is flourishing more than ever in Los Angeles and we absolutely love the different styles celebrities are rocking this summer. From bohemian to chic, the vibrant array of braids look amazing for laying out with the girls at the beach or a night out and keepin' it glam. 

With Blake Lively rockin' the bohemian braid, Lauren Conrad wearing her classic braid in a ponytail and Nicole Richie in style with her crown braid, which one is your fav?

Monday, July 11, 2011

GLAMEDGE Giveaways at WBC Event '11

Last Thursday, we held an exclusive giveaway of our Glamedge swimsuits with the support our dear friend, Ron "The American Dream" Johnson at the WBC Event '11! Held at Hollywood's W Hotel, the World Boxing Championship Conference Press Release Event was the place to be! Swarming with boxing supporters and fans, the night was a success with all the love we received from patrons including celebs and our growing Mish fans! For those who couldn't make it and missed out on the night's tweets, what can we say? YOU MISSED OUT! Haha but don't worry, more exciting events from Mish to come. But until then, here are some pics from the eventful night!

Christina & Diane waiting for the giveaways!
Our model & Kathie behind the scenes

Ron Johnson preppin' for the photoshoot!
Our model & Christina
Our models rockin' our Glamedge bikinis with Ron Johnson!

Stay tuned to get your hands on our Glamedge swimwear line for exclusive prices, in efforts to support victims of child prostitution worldwide. Coming soon this year!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

National Kissing Day!

National Kissing Day! Really? Well according to the UK and now spread globally, today is an official holiday. Initially it seemed like a hoax, but it ended up being today's hot topic on the news, twitter, FB and pubs worldwide. This holiday internationally embraces all types of kisses from different cultures and accustoms, so what better way to celebrate this "national" holiday than to pucker up in your fav bikinis! 

While we prep for our exclusive swimwear giveaways for the WBC World Champion Boxing Conference Event tomorrow, stay tuned and check out these kissable pics of our sexy celebs in their vibrant bikinis!

Audrina Patridge & her bf
Kim Kardashian & her future hubby

Diego Boneta & Julianne Hough

Friday, June 10, 2011

Start small. Go big. Finish strong.

We didn’t want to post this video before the actual promo video is complete, but we just couldn’t wait. I’ve worked on many shoots in the past, but this one is near and dear to my heart, because it's OURS.  
Our 2012 “Mermaid” line does not launch until December, but the Mish designers conjured up their talents to put together a sample line to support a lifelong dream. We want to be part of an initiative to support the victims of child prostitution. No need to go into the details, less said is better. We are all aware of it, we all know it’s bad, there are a lot of organizations out there, but somehow it’s still so prevalent.   We want to contribute somehow and we would like to call it “Hearts go Round”. All proceeds from our Glamedge collection will go towards developing this effort.  I feel like we are one step closer . So here's to the first step to making it happen. Enjoy!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mermaid Inspired

A few months ago, when Mish came about, our team spent countless hours & late nights to finalize our Mish 2012 Collection. We finally reached a point where we will soon be able to share our pieces. Even after the intense production and the exciting shoot… There was something that felt incomplete. I pondered on it for days and finally; it came to me as I was driving down to San Diego. I was overlooking the beach and something about how the rays of the sunlight hitting the ripples of the water made me think of Mermaids… that triggered my fondest childhood memories of the “The Little Mermaid”. There is something so exquisite and remarkable about the mythical creatures that is still so intriguing. As a little girl I was dazzled, but as an adult I admired the spectacular beauty that this whimsical creature posses.
I love how my imagination wonders when I think of mermaids, from the gradient color schemes of the tails to the intricate scales that glistens as they swim underwater or to the world above, to catch a glimpse. Their mane is always long, beautiful and shiny against the sun.

With these thoughts in mind, it calls for Mish to have a sequel to our collection… Mish 2012 Mermaid Collection. We want colors to emulate the colors of the beautiful sea… the creatures, the sea shells, the coral reef. We want silhouettes and fabrics that rest, contours, and flows like how it does on a beautiful mermaid. Marrying the colors and silhouettes; we want to create each piece to morph us into a mermaid. And feel beautiful as we lay out and let the rays of the sun enhance the glitter tone of our skins. The best is yet to come… our big launch, Mish Mermaid Collection!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Behind the Scenes Photo shoot for Mish Swimwear

At our first photo shoot for Mish Swimwear...A long yet eventful day.  It's true what people say, when you do what you love, it's not work at all. We couldn't have done it without our dream team MISH. We had an amazing film crew and photographers to capture every moment. While sitting here looking back at our pictures...wishing that we can relive the moments all over again, I thought I conjure up some "behind the scenes"  of the photo shoot to share with you guys what we do at work . Take a look and see what goes on when the Mish girls are hard at work ;)
Stay Tune for our Video Promos which we will launch soon on our Website! More to come~~!!!!