Monday, April 4, 2011

Coming Together!

April 27th photo shoot is just around the corner... so much to do and so little time. I think we are a little crazy to have a photo shoot and shoot a promo video at the same time. Met our photographer & DP over the weekend to discuss the details of the shoot.
We watch in amazement as everything slowly unfolds. Seriously dying to let the cat out of the bag! But what fun will that be, right? Meanwhile, is in the works. Thomas (Koi Interactive) is cranking out the site, to get it up and running in May. Once we get that baby going… it’s so on!
With Mish’s site up you’ll get real time scoops of our designers’ inspirations, sneak peeks to the making of the new line.  It’s so surreal that the design team are already in the works for Mish’s 2013 line. Rocking in their stilettos they’ll be hitting up all the glamorous hot spots and fashion shows from Miami to Vegas to Japan to size up the latest trends. I say size up, because the trends don’t just translate into Mish images. Mish Swimwear’s are sheer creations of inspiring colors, cut, textures, and embellishments that coincide with what feels RIGHT.  When we finally decided to start Mish … our overall Mish-in was to design swimwear with silhouettes and embellishments not only for show… you can actually get it wet. But most importantly, we wanted to create high quality, fashion forward swimsuits that alludes total sexiness and chicness. Best of all anyone can get their hands on it (if you’re fast enough).
Really really can't wait to show everyone the 2012 line... who knows we might launch it sooner.

Come to visit... more to come.


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